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  • Aghamtao vol 27 no 1

    Aghamtao Vol 27

    By Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao, Inc., Anthropological Association of the Philippines
  • AGHAMTAO Vol. 28 2020

    By Various Authors
  • AGHAMTAO Vol. 29 2021

    By Various Authors
  • Aging in Asia-Pacific: Balancing the State and the Family

    By Various Authors
  • chasing the wind vol 2

    Chasing the Wind: Assessing Philippine Democracy (Second Edition)

    By Felipe B. Miranda et al
  • Crime and Punishment in the Philippines: Beyond Politics and Spectacle

    By Various Authors
  • Doing Social Science Research

    Doing Social Science Research: a Guidebook

    By Lourdes M. Portus et al.
  • Exploring Transnational Communities in the Philippines

    By Various Authors