Dr. Francisco Nemenzo

Dr. Francisco “Dodong” Nemenzo is one of the country’s most respected political scientists who, in his own words, “specialized in the study of unconventional politics.” While pursuing graduate studies at the University of Manchester in England, he joined a Communist club and immersed himself in Marxist philosophy, economics, and politics.  Back in the Philippines, he held the third-highest position in the then Communist Party as secretary of education and head of the international department.  His scholarly works focused on the dynamics of revolutionary movements in the Philippines.

At the University of the Philippines, Dr. Nemenzo served in various capacities—as political science professor, college dean, Chancellor, and finally, as University President. During his stint as UP President, Dr. Nemenzo led the development of the Revitalized General Education Program which allows students to choose their own general education courses which will form the foundation of their college education; a special fund to support the academic growth of the faculty; and much improved facilities and equipment that enhanced the learning environment in the University.  His contributions to the academic community prove his “ commitment to education and belief in the Filipino youth.”