Dates of Implementation: Aug 2006 – Dec 2006

Partner Institution: UNESCO-INRULED


To  document the beginnings and goals and objectives of these local education reform projects; the specific plans, measures and activities pursued to upgrade basic education in the localities; the movers, actors and participants of these reform initiatives; the challenges and opportunities encountered in project implementation; and the results and outcomes of these reform efforts to date, to include an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the local projects as conceptualized and implemented.

Project Description:

This study looked into local education reform efforts being undertaken by communities in two less developed areas/regions in the Philippines. These community initiatives consist of: (a) reinventing the local school board to improve education outcomes in Naga City in the Bicol region; and (b) harnessing multi-sectoral support to enhance the basic education programs of the Mambusao, Capiz local government unit in the West Visayas region.