REX Bookstore Annual Educators’ Conference (AECON) 2022

Dates of Implementation/Duration:  January 28, 2022 

Partner Institution:  Rex Book Store, Inc. (RBSI)


Project Description:

As part of Rex Education’s commitment to serve, it will soon hold the Annual Educators Congress or AECON. For several years now, AECON has been one of the biggest yearly gatherings of education thought leaders, policymakers, and practitioners. AECON has always coupled local and international perspectives, insights, and best practices on current and emerging education topics and trends.  

AECON participants are mainly education managers and teachers, mostly from the basic education group, and some from tertiary and early childhood education. A typical AECON is attended by around a thousand participants. In January of this year, AECON was held virtually due to COVID-related restrictions, allowing us to accommodate some 3,000 participants. What we saved in venue and other costs, we spent on a very good virtual event activation platform.    

For AECON 2022, also virtual, Rex Education are expecting around 10,000 participants. AECON 2022 is titled “Keeping It Real” (alluding both to the virtual conference experience we are offering and to the topic and theme), and themed “Institutionalizing Evidence-Based Practices for a Learner-Centered School”.

To ensure that the breakout sessions are contextualized and attuned to the needs of the participants, Rex Education partnered with the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC) to co-own and co-organize the breakout session for Group 4. As co-owner and co-organizer of the breakout session, PSSC committed to assist in the finalization of the design and format of the 2-hour session and suggest speakers, moderators, and reactors, and topics along and related to AECON’s central topic of institutionalizing evidence-based practices in your discipline.