Philippine Studies and Philippine-American Studies: Bridging the Agenda Gap

Dates of Implementation/Duration: December 2002

Partner Institution: Ford Foundation-Manila


  • provide the participants a forum for familiarizing one another of their respective research work and interests and for understanding and/or appreciating better the factors and influences in their own lives that had shaped their (and others’) intellectual development and academic pursuits
  • explore possibilities for future collaboration (as in the form of joint research undertakings, conferences and publications) to ensure continuing dialogues and exchanges not only among the workshop participants, but among the different groups/communities of social science and humanities whether in the Philippines or abroad engaged in the study of various aspects of Philippine culture, history and society

Project Description:

The project brought together researchers and scholars here in the Philippines and the US to discuss the changing terrain of Philippine Studies. The project workshop was held on 16-18 December 2002 at the Eugenio Lopez Center in Antipolo City, while the workshop output was presented to a bigger audience at the Philippine Social Science Center in Quezon City on 20 December 2002.