Data Privacy Protection and Records Management in Research with Human Participants

Dates of Implementation/Duration: March 2018 to January 2019

Partner Institution: Metrobank Foundation, Inc.


  • Form a core group of master trainors on data privacy protection and records management for research with human participants
  • Raise awareness and knowledge of researchers, universities and research institutions on data privacy

Project Description:

The project was two-pronged. One part involved writing course materials for a Training Manual to be used in the Master Trainors Class. Basic concepts and illustrative cases were included in the manual. The draft training manual was validated with experts and seasoned researchers in a workshop, and revised if necessary. 

Following this, the second part was the conduct of the master class for around 20 experienced researchers selected from among the different social science organizations and research institutions all over the Philippines. After the master class was completed, each of the participants were assigned to facilitate a workshop on Privacy Awareness and Privacy Protection in Research Involving Human Participants for selected institutions or groups. Members of the training team observed these workshops.